A motivated workforce how?

We know that in the main our service will be judged by the quality of the workers we send to site. The adage 'you're only as good as the workers you send to us' still holds true. To this end we have invested a great deal of money, time and training to ensure that clients get good workers on site time and time again.

But great vetting, screening processes, and our unique worker performance tracking is only part of the story. We also are aware that if we want our workforce to perform well for clients then the workforce must feel valued and supported by our company. It can not all be take, take, take, we need to give something back and reward workers for good performance. So listed below you will see what we do for our workers who perform well and how by doing this we achieve the aim of a building a motivated and loyal workforce that performs consistently well for our clients

  • Pay rises
  • Bonuses
  • Awards
  • Regular communication.
  • Training
  • 100% accuracy on pay
  • Advice and support
  • Access to our other services at a discounted rate