First Aid at Work Training and Certification

The First Aid At Work Training Course is intended for when an employer’s assessment of first aid needs identifies that a First Aider is necessary, or for those who want to gain the most comprehensive introduction to first aid. The aim of the First Aid At Work Training Course is to provide the delegates with the necessary knowledge of the responsibilities of being a First Aider. Delegates will gain a base knowledge of how to correctly react and treat the various first aid situations that may occur in their place of work.

Below you can see what is covered in this course. Appoint us as one of your preferred agency suppliers and get this course for FREE.

  • 1. Introduction to Asbestos
  • 2. Understanding Asbestos
  • 3. Risks and Health Hazards
  • 4. Current Legislation & Guidance
  • 5. Legal limitations on work liable to disturb asbestos
  • 6. Working Safely
  • 7. Identifying suspect materials – personal responsibility for safety
  • 8. Safe working in areas where there may be asbestos materials nearby (RPE/PPE)
  • 9. Emergency Procedures
  • 10.Accidental damage, general procedures