You train your workforce! but you're an agency?

Companies are surprised when they learn that InSight Solutions Group provide FREE and discounted training to its workers. But it shouldn't be a surprise after all by investing in their skills and ability we are investing in their morale to and they then begin to feel part of our company and more valued. This helps to create a sense of loyalty, and means overall we get a better performance from our workforce than other agencies.

One of the most popular course we provide is the FREE Construction trades NVQ course. If your company still has workers who need the correct CSCS Card then this program is for you. With InSight Solutions Group as your labour supplier you'll benefit through the opportunity to place your workers on Construction trade NVQ course whereby your workers can be assessed (and where necessary trained) for their trade NVQ certificate. Once they have this their correct CSCS Card can be obtained with us. The £1,200+ NVQ assessment and training will have been given to you absolutely FREE.

Below is a full list of courses you can get for FREE, click the title of any of the training course that interest you to find out more.